Life is every changing. For me this was when I started my working career as a printer. Then moved into professional football as a player. This has continued to today as I run a football business here in Auckland coaching and refereeing. I have been involved with Auckland Football Federation Referees as a committee member. During these years I have study psychology, theology and sports (football) at various educational institutions. At present I am the Chairman of the Wax Eye Sports and Performing Arts Trust Inc which is involved with supporting young people in their education, sporting and performing arts dreams.

The Deity of Football

The footballer who dreams of the deity dreams of playing day in and day out. The footballer knows the feeling of peace within to play and be the best. Being the best is dedication. In what area of your life are you dedicated. Life of football takes more than thinking what will. It takes life performances based on the deity to love. Enhance your feelings for the game. Enhance your performance. Dedicate how you think what is the love of football.


    Player player what is a player. The player is the gift to themselves the opportunity to feel free to express more than kicking a football. Teams are made up of players and players make teams. Become a player of talent, dedication, hard work, enjoyment and serve the love of football. Step up take nothing for granted play with the football of your dreams to be a success of football fun.

Training for a Purpose

What does football mean to you. Is it in the enjoyment of being lazy or the enjoyment of knowing the game loves your efforts. Training is hard work if lazy. However train with your personal purpose to make training a place of fun. Hours of training plays a place in the heart of a footballer. The heart grows with the hours spent kicking a football and developing the body to excel. The body was made to endure and the brain was made to think about your purpose in the game you love.

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